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Dig deeper

Download and print this "Engage" workbook with several exercises you can do with yourself, your family, or your community. Each page has different prompts that will get you writing, drawing, or talking about this complex history. 

We are grateful to our partners who supported the creation of this workbook:

Spark & Stitch Institute, Anam Cara Therapies, and the Moving from Race to Culture Cohort at the Cultural Wellness Center 

 Reparations Survey

Free the Deeds is partnering with Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA) to better understand how people interacting with Free the Deeds think about reparations. All responses will remain anonymous. We will create a summary of responses including a map to show the parts of the city where people who responded to these questions live. The responses will help us understand what programming and partnerships are needed to advance reparations efforts in Minneapolis.

Louis & Elizabeth Moore:

Willing to Cross the Line

by Hawona Sullivan Janzen

portraits by Mike Hoyt


Paris Ford & Margie Sudduth Ford: The Power of Place

by Hawona Sullivan Janzen

portraits by Mike Hoyt

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